Why Choose Us?

SAN-V has been in the Automation Machine Manufacture business since 2006. More than a thousand corporate clients, and unlimited retail clients per year. We provide our services in every part of India. We at SAN-V manufacture, install and take care of maintenance for machines. This includes Smart three-phase star-delta & induction motor control panels, Water Saver Automatic motor stoppers, etc. We also manufacture Smart DCB three-phase digital circuit breaker, Smart Phase Sequence Changer, and Smart Pressure Detector motor control panels. These are all used for controlling motors and phase automation. We are moving towards our motto of “securing your premises with the best solution to all your problems”. With SAN-V, you don’t have to compromise on quality in any manner.

SAN-V tries to improve the quality of products and processes. By choosing SAN-V for industrial automation, you can achieve 100% accuracy. This accuracy is not possible with manual operators.The testing procedure is another crucial part. Here, our technician keeps an eye on improving quality. We will help you to prevent costly future repairs and faults. We made this possible with smart testing techniques.

If you want to improve quality and production, consider SAN-V for automation systems. Integrated automation allows you to achieve higher productivity levels.

If we see as a businessman, then we get another benefit, i.e., reducing production costs. Despite somewhat higher initial costs, SAN-V will help industrial automation processes. Including saving money in the long run through improved quality, fewer defects, more flexibility in the production line, and higher productivity, resulting in considerable cost savings over the long term.

  1. We have been working in the manufacturing industry since 2006. And now we are one of the best-known manufacturers of Smart Motor Control Panels.
  2. We have experienced M Tech qualified staff and are the best technicians to install motors.
  3. We take care of the client’s requirements, as well as the dealers’/distributors’ profits.
  4. At SAN-V, we are the manufacturer and tester of smart motor control panels.
  5. At SAN-V, you will get a complete maintenance guarantee even after the warranty ends.