About Us

SAN-V is a manufacturer of Industrial Automation Machinery. We offer the safety of your machinery, saving your electricity and saving water! SAN-V has been in the manufacturing of submersible motor control panels for the last 1.5 decades. Thanks to our research team for making us a well-known brand. With them, we developed and manufactured automated control systems. And enhance these machines’ safety, quality, productivity, and efficiency of the organization. We have been committed for years to the development of control systems.Our technicians offer new and innovative ways of doing things. To serve the best automation and control issues. Buying a machine needs a one-time investment. But to take full advantage of these new technologies, you need proper care. Furthermore, we have an expert technician team to install and care for them every year at least. We are devoted to the manufacturing, construction, and maintenance of automation systems. We help you to achieve your production goals, from installation to testing.For a developing company, we will share our experience. With machine vision, process control systems, logic controls, robotics, and other automation solutions. Also, will provide you with the best possible solution which could be available. We are going to improve efficiency, improve safety and decrease costs.