Smart three phase star delta & induction motor control panel

Range 5 Amp to 120 Amp

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We are SAN-V-Smart

About Us

SAN-V is a manufacturer of Industrial Automation Machinery. We offer the safety of your machinery, saving your electricity and saving water! SAN-V has been in the manufacturing of submersible motor control panels for the last 1.5 decades.

We believe in providing good quality, affordable tools to our customers, that are ethically sourced, biodynamic and sustainably managed.

Power At Your Fingertips

Our technology gives fully Motor Protection, Power Save, Water Save, & Human Operating Free options due to inbuilt software based Smart technology.

Why We Are

SAN-V has been in the Automation Machine Manufacture business since 2006. More than a thousand corporate clients, and numerous retail clients per year. We provide our services in every part of India. We at SAN-V manufacture, install and take care of maintenance for machines. This includes Smart three-phase star-delta & induction motor control panels, Water Saver Automatic motor stoppers, etc.


To become an internationally recognized organization for execution of motor control panels


We delight clients and build strong partnerships through total customer satisfaction.


To provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service, that together, deliver premium value to our customers.

Quality Focused Organization

SAN-V tries to improve the quality of products and processes. By choosing SAN-V for industrial automation, you can achieve 100% accuracy. This accuracy is not possible with manual operators.The testing procedure is another crucial part. Here, our technician keeps an eye on improving quality. We will help you to prevent costly future repairs and faults. We made this possible with smart testing techniques.

A constantly update sour industry knowledge and skills

We always try to keep forward of others in the industry. Our researchers keep researching what else could be possible.