what we offer to our customers

SAN-V believes in making a permanent connection. Buying a Smart Motor Control Panel is just the start of this overall experience. Through the entire life cycle of the Smart Motor Control Panel, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide. Once you install a Smart Motor Control Panel, it operates at its full potential. But wait, what about after a few years, once 

it is out of warranty? You need technical support for any type of smart control panel. And to be surprised, it could be possible that, with aftersale maintenance, your smart motor control panel can perform even better than the original performance. Furthermore, we always care for our dealers and distributors. If you feel any difficulties, you could directly call customer care contact. We provide dealers with special discounts and offers. For clients who have chosen the Smart Motor Control Panel, we provide an aftersale warranty with different packages. You can select your product according to your needs. Even if your Smart Motor Control Panel is out of warranty, we will provide you with complete service with a small service charge and visit charge.